What is Content Marketing?

The 2nd video in the Austin Copywriter video series an Introduction to Content Marketing for Small Businesses is now up!

This one looks at the basic question: what is content marketing? Learn the proper definition, along with some of the best formats to consider for a small business content marketing campaign.

Check it out, and let me know what you think!

For those who prefer reading, here’s the transcript:

Hi, it’s Austin Copywriter Kristen Hicks again for Part 2 in our Introduction to Content Marketing for Small Businesses series. This time, we’re gonna suss out just what is content marketing?

The definition of content marketing, according to the Content Marketing Institute is “… a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

Content marketing comes in many, many forms.

This video is a form of content marketing, the Austin Copywriter white paper on the same subject is another. Blogs, social media, infographics… the form is less important than the intent.

If this list seems a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. You shouldn’t see it as a list of requirements, but rather some suggestions. A small business should pick and choose the formats that best suit you.

Think about: the skills you and your employees have; the resources you have at your disposal; the best methods for communicating about your products and services; and where your target audience is most likely to hang out. Build your strategy from there.

One nice feature of content marketing is that the profusion of formats actually means you can get more out of less with re-purposing. With every piece of content you create, think carefully about ways it lends itself to re-use.

If you write a blog post about “The 10 Most Important Tax Tips to Save you
Money This Year,” you can make a slide show out of it, then turn that into a webinar open to your email list, and record that to have a video to post on your site after, which you can then promote on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Right there with one topic idea, we’ve come up with 6 forms of content marketing. Not so bad, eh?

Well that’s it for this entry in the Beginner Content Marketing for Small Business series. Check back soon for Part 3, where we’ll go over some of the top benefits of content marketing.

Thank You, Steve Jobs

Many people hope that by the time they pass away they’ll have made a mark on the world, few people succeed in doing so. Steve Jobs falls into the elite category of individuals who have indelibly changed the world for the better and will be remembered for his considerable contributions.

I grew up using PC’s, but once I took the first job I had that required using a Mac, I became a convert. Apple has succeeded in not only creating some of the best and most reliable tools for our modern world, but also in changing what people expect and want out of their day to day life according to the tools they’ve made available. We all have higher standards for our quality of life based on the products they’ve provided us.

In addition to the incomparable contributions he made to the day to day existence of millions of people through his inventions, Steve Jobs also used his influence to encourage new ideas for how people view work and innovation. He encouraged people to value creativity and following their passions over seeking more traditional methods of success by following the status quo.

Few people have made such an impact and even fewer have succeeded in doing so while maintaining a positive and affectionate following from hundreds of thousands of people, if not more. Steve Jobs will be remembered fondly and his contributions will continue to influence our lives and inspire us to create more.

Steve Jobs on Living Well