Consumer Behavior and Search Engine Use

“86 percent of consumers say search engines are very important in the buying process.”


The way people think about shopping has changed in recent years. More and more consumers turn to the internet first before making a purchasing decision. In the same study referenced in the Inc. article above, almost half of the respondents also turned to social media in the shopping process and another 24% visited company websites. Technology is changing consumer behavior and small businesses should take note and shift their marketing techniques accordingly.

This is likely not a surprise to most people. If you think about the most recent purchases you’ve made, perhaps with the exception of gas and groceries, it’s likely you’ve turned to Google at some point in the process. When it’s so easy to look up user reviews, perform price comparisons and make direct purchases for many items online, why wouldn’t savvy consumers turn to the internet for their shopping?

The best way to make sure that your small business doesn’t miss out on the 92% of people in the United States using search engines is to embrace online marketing. Use search engine optimization, pay per click services and more to increase your internet presence and make your business easy to find for potential customers.