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copywriterI could tell you the most important factor in small business success is good copywriting, but we all know the most important factor is starting out with a good product or service.

Once you've got that part down, you won't get very far if people can't find your business and be persuaded that what you offer is just what they need. That's where using the right words, and showing up in the right places online makes all the difference.

Good writing has long been an important component in small business success, but with the growing influence search engines have on how people shop, producing quality content has become a necessity to stay competitive.

Content marketing not only helps your business grow its online presence and increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it also gives you the opportunity to share your expertise and build the trust of potential and current customers.

Kristen Hicks has the writing skills and online marketing knowledge to help your small business grow your internet presence, and gain the trust of your target audience. Contact me today to discuss your copywriting needs, or how to develop a content marketing strategy.

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