austin freelance copywriter

Freelance Copywriter

Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone. And copywriting for the web doesn’t come naturally to anyone – it’s a distinct skill that has to be learned.

The words you use to promote your business online are an important part of your identity in the eyes of customers. They help shape your brand reputation and, just as importantly, are one of the best tools you have to get your visitors to take that next step—whatever the step may be.

I specialize in blog writing and longform content assets for businesses doing content marketing.

When I create content for clients, I make sure it’s always:

  • Well researched
  • Formatted for the web
  • Written with the target audience’s needs and interests top of mind
  • SEO friendly
  • Designed to achieve a specific goal

From blog posts that get your target audience to the site and keep them there to longer content pieces that generate leads or move them closer to a sale, I can create content for your business that helps you achieve your particular goals.

If you’re ready to strengthen your content marketing program while offloading some of the work, let me do the heavy lifting.