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For the Content Marketing Institute Blog:

Rich Results: 5 New SEO Strategies Marketers Must Use

The SERPs are changing. Here are five things you can do now to adapt to the rise in rich search results.

Why Content Creators Should Care About Adaptive Content

Adaptive content means a better experience for consumers and higher conversion rates for marketers. As more businesses see the benefit and dip their toes into these new waters, content creators can expect to see changes in how their work looks. Here’s what to expect.

For Business2Community:

4 Examples of Personalized Marketing Done Right

Research shows that personalized marketing can get better results, but a lot of marketers are still struggling to do it well. This post looks at four examples of companies that provide impressive personalized experiences to their customers and leads.

How to Use Inbound Marketing to Sell Without Losing Trust

When marketers get too promotional, it makes them look less trustworthy. But the ultimate point of marketing is to make sales. How do you find the balance? This post provides some tactics to help.

For Orbit Media:

How to Earn Links from Writers (7 Tips from the Writers Themselves)

Every professional content writer has some general guidelines when it comes to deciding which content is worth linking to. If you care about earning links (and you should), it pays to know what writers are looking for.

For Mirasee (formerly Firepole Marketing):

How to Get Noticed by Onine Influencers (and Boost Your Credibility!)

The best shortcut to growing your reputation online is to get on the radar of the people who have already established a reputation in your industry. Here’s how to identify those people and get their attention.

For MarketingProfs:

5 Steps to Affordable and Effective Small Business Content Marketing

Content marketing has moved out of the realm of hype and onto the list of things most businesses need to be thinking about to succeed online.  Good content marketing does require time and money though, which makes it scary for small businesses. Here are some ways to make sure content marketing is successful and sustainable.

For The Brazen Careerist:

5 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Allow You To Work From Home

Tired of your commute? With the technology available today, many jobs can be done effectively from home. You just have to make a convincing case to your boss.

For The Write Life:

Want More Writing Jobs? Create a Freelance Referral Network

Most successful freelancers get some of their best clients from referrals. Connecting with other freelancers can help you find more work and make some friends along the way.

For Freelance Austin:

7 Steps to Better Financial Management as a Freelancer

One of the challenges of freelancing is figuring out how to navigate the tricky financial terrain that comes with higher taxes and less consistent earnings. Here are some tips to help.

Client Blog Posts

For HostGator:

Boost Holiday Donations with These 8 Nonprofit Website Best Practices

Nonprofit marketers have to go into high gear during the holiday season – that’s when the majority of all donations come in. This post outlines eight ways to increase your donations at the time of year it matters most, with examples to help readers get inspired.

Making the Move to Full-Time Freelancing

Freelancing can be extremely rewarding, but you have to know what you’re getting into. If you’re considering the transition from a full-time job to freelancing, these seven steps can help you pull it off.

For Kuno Creative:

Interview: How Green Energy Inbound Marketing Works at AMCG

One of the biggest hurdles to getting consumers interested in green energy alternatives is a lack of knowledge on what solutions are available and how they work. This interview with Danielle Marquis of AMCG explains how one company is using inbound marketing to leap that hurdle.

How Your Product Use Data Can Become Valuable Content

Many SaaS companies struggle to come up with content topics that are valuable to their audience, but they may not even know they’re sitting on a treasure trove of information. If your product collects data on how people are using it, you could be able to turn that into content your audience can benefit from.

For The Zebra:

Alexa vs Susie House Sitter: Who’s More Likely to Keep Your Home Safe Over the Holidays?

Lots of families travel over the holidays, but leaving your home empty can put your possessions at risk. This post weighs the pros and cons of considering a house sitter while you’re gone vs trusting security tech.

4 Real Estate Scams that Stump Savvy Homebuyers

You know to ignore emails from Nigerian princes and hang up the phone when someone claiming to be from the IRS asks for your credit card info. But are you savvy enough to avoid these sophisticated real estate scams? This post collects anecdotes from experts and normal homebuyers alike who have had run-ins with common real estate scams.

Spooky Halloween Road Trips to Creep You Out

A seasonal story for October, this post provides details on seven spooky destinations across the U.S. for thrill seekers to check out.

For Senior Advisor:

The Secret to a Long Life, According to Centenarians

What’s the secret to a long life? Humans have wondered for as long as we’ve existed as a species. Now that there are a growing number of people who make it to 100 and beyond, researchers can study the kind of habits and lifestyle that lead to a longer life.

Book Review: The Caregiving Trap

Many people find themselves in the role of caregiver without ever planning on it. Taking care of an ailing loved one can quickly take over your whole life if you’re not careful. This book by Pamela D. Wilson discusses the risks of falling into the “caregiving trap” and what caregivers can do to balance the challenges they face.

Stay-at-Home Retirement Villages: The Basics of the Beacon Hill Model

The seniors of Boston’s Beacon Hill area concocted a plan to make it possible for them to age at home. Their strategy caught on and is inspiring communities of seniors throughout the United States unwilling to leave behind the houses that have long been the settings for their lives.

For the Kasasa Blog:

How to Use A Debit Card Online Safely

Online purchases are a regular part of life now, but are they safe? This post covers what you need to know to safely shop with a debit card online.

Are Millennials Financially Doomed? The State of Retirement Planning for Millennials

Much has been said of the economic challenges faced by millennials. Is the importance of planning for retirement getting lost amid concerns around underemployment and student loans?

Long-Form Content Marketing

Online Colleges Guides:

The Online Student’s Guide to Transferring College Credits

Many online students learn too late that some of the credits they’ve invested time and money into won’t pay off when they change schools. Here’s the knowledge you need to avoid that fate.

For-Profit Colleges: What Every Student Should Know

For a long time, online learning got a bad rap because of the prevalence of for-profit colleges. Every online student should take the time to research the school they’re going to attend and understand what they’re getting into. This guide will help you understand what to expect from for-profit colleges. Guide:

Xeriscaping: How to Make a Drought-Tolerant Landscape

Much of the southwest United States is in the midst of a long-term drought, yet it’s not abnormal to see neighborhoods full of green lawns in some of the most hard-hit areas. Xeriscaping is a landscaping method that makes it possible for homeowners to adapt to the current climate patterns, without losing out on the beauty of a nice lawn.

Compact Appliance Buyer’s Guide:

 A Buyer’s Guide to Espresso Machines

There’s coffee, and then there’s espresso. Whether you’re an espresso connoisseur or someone who just wants to save a few bucks each day by making your favorite espresso drinks at home, the market for espresso machines is large and can be overwhelming. This guide can help anyone on the market for an espresso machine gain a clear idea of what to look for.

Wine Cooler Direct Buyer’s Guide:

The Ultimate Guide to Corkscrews and Wine Openers

No matter how great that bottle of wine you’re ready to drink is; it’s worthless if you don’t have a way to open it. Turns out, you have more options for getting that bottle open than you may have realized. This guide provides a comprehensive view of the different types of wine openers available and what you need to know about each.

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